Jeansda Lancelot Dress Boots – Horween Chromexcel

The designers at Jeansda really nailed it with this Lancelot Dress Boot. They’re color 8 Horween chromexcel, with a goodyear welted double stacked leather sole, and Cats Paw heel.  I’ve had them for just over 2 months now, so I’m ready to share my thoughts.

As you can see in the photo below, the soles of these boots are some of the thickest I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. The first thing I noticed when I put these on is, I was an inch taller (which is a good thing for a short guy 5’8″), I’ll take all the height I can get. The first time out, I was worried the leather sole would be slippery but the Cats Paw heel gives a very confident grip. The speed hooks make it easy to get in and out of the boots, and the soft gusseted tongue comfortably wrapped my foot without discomfort from day one. I have nothing but great things to say about these boots, so if you can see yourself in this style boot keep reading…

Me Wearing Jeansda Lancelot Boots
Jeansda Lancelot Boots – View of the Cats Paw heel

Initial Thoughts

Out of the box, the boots have that familiar Horween chromexcel smell (that I love). The stitching detail and construction are perfect all around. They’ve got a nice weight to them, and they’re great to look at. When I first put them on, I noticed the toe box had plenty of space for my wide feet, and the heel cup hugged the back of my foot securely. There was a little bit of slip the first few days but I’ll discuss that later on in the fit section. If I had to compare the build quality I would say these are on par if not better than anything in it’s same price point here in the states. The leather isn’t super thick but it’s not too thin either, and I think it’s just right to suit the purpose of this boot. The soles are thick and beefy, and fit gives a solid and confident stance. If I had to pick something to improve about these boots, it would be that the gusseted tongue feels a little thinner than what I’m used to on my Vibergs. It’s about as thick as the tongue on my Truman boots, which lends to the soft and comfortable feel from day one. I only call this out because someone who is wearing heavy workboots might be looking for heavyweight leather all around. These were really great right out of the box. They passed the sniff test, they feel hefty (the way I like my boots), and they fit like a glove (more info about the fit below).

Jeansda Lancelot Boots

Jeansda Lancelot Boots

The Fit

Now that I’ve had these in the rotation for a couple months, I can confidently say these are a well-executed boot.  The fit was excellent from the start, and it only continues to get better with each wear. The first few days of wear, I observed a little bit of heel slip because I didn’t want to tie the laces up to the last speed hook (I never like the feeling of the eyelet pushing into my ankle at the top). I think this left the heel a little bit loose to slip out, but after the second or third day, it started to subside. Now the soles curve with my feet and the heel follows without any slip. I also wanted to note, I’ve never been a fan of speed hooks but these boots might have converted me. I’ve gotten spoiled at how easy it is to get in and out of these boots. One other thing I noticed and this is probably because I have a wider foot (I’m a 10D or E depending on brand), during break-in I could feel the vamp pressing on the top of my foot when the first crease was forming/stretching. It wasn’t uncomfortable but just something I noticed, worth a callout. Overall I’m really pleased with the fit from day one and also the continued comfort after multiple wears. This boot last is perfect for someone with a full D or maybe even E width foot.

Unrelated to fit but I wanted to mention, the metal nails that go into the bottom of the sole make a tapping noise if you’re walking on tile. I would be careful walking on new wood floors in your house in case the nails may scratch the wood.

Me Wearing Jeansda Lancelot Boots

Chromexcel Care

I have a few pointers for anyone that may be new to Horween Chromexcel. This leather is one of the best boot leathers around. It’s fairly water resistant, doesn’t get any water spots the way calf or cordovan does, and it can take a shine if you give it a little wax polish. Honestly you don’t have to do anything more than a quick wipe or brussing, to keep this leather looking beautiful.  If you’ve been wearing them hard every day for six months straight, I would suggest some Venetian Cream to freshen up the shine but that’s it. If you’re only wearing these occassionally, you shouldn’t need more than a quick wipe with a wet cloth, and maybe a little brush up. If anything these boots will look even better when they’re scratched up and scuffed.

Jeansda Lancelot Boots Hanging

Final Thoughts

These Jeansda boots certainly have my recommendation. It will be interesting to see how this company scales in the future once they launch their new site. The quality of this boots is on par if not better than the rest of the boots I’ve tried at the same price point. The comfortable fit out of the box is big plus too, because comparable boots usually have a break-in period, where the uppers are super stiff, or you get hotspots when you walk. Maybe these just happen to be perfectly shaped for my foot. Either way, I’m a happy camper. They also have really nice flannel shirts and denim offerings that I’ve seen on other Instagramers accounts, so I’m very excited to see what else is to come from this new company.

For ordering your best bet is to direct message them on Instagram or email. They’re in the process of launching their new site (sometime this month), so once they do ordering will be easier. You can find more info on them at the links below:

  • – their website (I will update this when they launch the new site if the url changes)
  • Horween Chromexcel – if you want to read up on what makes this leather so special
  • Jeandsa Jeans Instagram – If you’re looking for style inspiration, check their awesome feed

Jeansda Lancelot Boots Outside

If you have any questions, feel free to email me, or DM me on instagram.

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