Naked and Famous Kaiju Monster Selvedge – Review

The Kaiju Monster denim has an indigo dyed warp and a white weft, which means it has the potential for some really high contrast fading. I ordered these from Tate & Yoko, which is my go to recommendation for great denim since they have the whole N&F line, and offer free chain stitch hemming with all orders.A chainstitch hem is the traditional way of stitching the denim cuff to preserve the original detail. If you’re going to pay for premium denim, you might as well preserve all the original details, as much as possible right.

Kaiju Monster Selvedge - Brand new
Brand new raw selvedge with the tags still on

Initial thoughts

These arrived about a week after I ordered them, which is lightning fast considering these are coming from Canada. I immediately felt the weight of the denim when opening the package. They’re not super heavy like elephant denim but they still have a nice hefty feel to them. The shell cordovan patch is the first thing I noticed, which is easily the nicest leather patch I’ve ever had on a pair of denim. The rest of the detail is standard Naked & Famous styling. Just a simple button fly, and black twill pocket bags for extra durability.

Kaiju Monster Selvedge - Brand new front

What does 16oz denim feel like?

This is slightly heavier than your standard winter weight denim. For anyone that may be new to the raw selvedge world, your average pair of jCrew or Gap selvedge is normally around 12oz. This means it may be a little stiffer than what you’re used to during the break-in period. It may also be too warm for people who live in hotter climates. I keep a pair of 8oz Belgium linen blend denim, that I keep handy for the summer months. If you happen to try these on in the store, keep in mind they will feel much softer and more comfortable after 3-4 days of wear.

Kaiju Monster Selvedge - Brand new rear

The ‘Weird guy’ fit

This is the perfect fit for guys that have larger thighs and calves, but still want to be in a slimmer fit. For comparison purposes, this fit is right between jCrew’s 484 slim, and Gap’s slim fit. For me, it’s comfortable and roomy enough to wear for long hikes but still slim enough to not look sloppy if I needed to dress it up with an Oxford shirt and blazer. I found that Naked and Famous’ size chart is spot on, so you can take your measurements and not have to worry about ordering the wrong size. They also make these in a more relaxed ‘Easy Guy’, or the slimmer ‘Super Skinny Guy’ fits, so all body types can get into this pair.

Kaiju Monster Selvedge - Honeycomb fades starting
Honeycomb fades starting after 1 month of daily wear

After a month of every day wear

It’s been a month now, and these are officially my favorite pair of denim. Previously my favorite pairs were the Left Field Black Maria, and Naked & Famous’ Sumi Ink selvedge, but these Kaiju denim far surpass both of them in the comfort zone. It only took the first week of wear to grow on me. The pockets are very easy to get into, which is something I can’t say about my previous pairs of Naked & Famous denim. Also, the rise is just right on these so they don’t restrict my movement in any way. I’m beginning to see some high contrast fades starting, so if you want a pair that will fade quickly, these are probably a good choice. If I keep wearing them at this rate, I would expect them to have some really nice fades in a couple more months (expect some photo updates in May).

Kaiju Monster Selvedge - Front

Shell Cordovan Patch

Just a quick note on this. The shell cordovan patch is probably the main thing that caught my attention to pick these up. Shell cordovan is arguably the most durable leather. It has a unique non-creasing characteristic, is naturally water-resistant, and scratches and scuffs seem to self-heal with some light buffing. It’s durability is well suited for this heavyweight pair, because it has the potential to outlast the denim itself.

Kaiju Monster Selvedge - Rear seat area fades
Rear seat area fades

If you’re unsure of your size I would recommend you get a pair here on Amazon this way you can exchange them if necessary.  If you already know your size, I recommend Tate & Yoko, so that you can have them chainstitch hemmed for free.