Rockleigh woods sanctuary

My most current obsession is getting outside as much as possible, and teaching my son the importance of enjoying the simple things in life. Above is a photo of his first real hike, which was in Rockleigh Woods Sanctuary, in NJ.

Archie standing on a log

It’s a great starter hike for young kids since it’s relatively easy with a very short incline and a few stream crossings.  The main trail is a 2 mile loop which takes about an hour and a half when you’re stopping a lot to take photos and snack breaks. It also has a kids jungle gym and swing set at the trailhead, so it’s a treat for the kids to play there after the hike is over.

My son crossing a stream

Here’s a shot of one of the many streams you get to cross on this hike. They’re all fairly easy with these rocks laid out purposely to get across. Clearly, this trail is very well maintained. If it weren’t for these features, my son’s attention span would have him wanting to go back home after the first 10 minutes. Would I recommend this for other parents to bring their 3-4 year olds, absolutely. Keep in mind it, you may have to carry your child for a few minutes here and there depending on how long they’re used to walking for. I had to carry him for about 20 minutes, right in the middle of the hike because he got tired right before the incline began. That said, it was a great time and my son felt very accomplished after. We will be searching for more easy hikes like this in the future once the weather gets back to a decent temperature. If you have any good recommendations in the tri-state area shoot me an email at thanks.