Truman Boot Co. Black Waxed Flesh – Review

These are my 4th pair of Truman boots, which should say a lot about how much I love this small company. Their boots seem to be perfectly shaped for my foot, and their custom leathers and build options keep me coming back for more. There’s also the added bonus of supporting a small operation here in the United States. They were based in Pennsylvania for my first 3 pairs, and have since moved to a bigger and more efficient operation (from what I can see from following them on Instagram) in Boulder, Colorado. It’s really cool to watch a small business like this scale and evolve.

Truman Boots - Black Waxed Flesh
Here’s a pic of the boots when they were brand new.

Initial Thoughts

I was really happy with my 1st pair of Truman’s and this 4th pair is no different. When I received these I was actually blown away, because I believe the lines and stitching are even cleaner than my first pairs of Truman’s. The boot shape is the same, but they feel slightly more refined around the heel counter, and gusseted tongue area. They’re a handsome pair of boots, that fit perfectly right out of the box.

Truman Boot Co Waxed Flesh Boots Brand New
Truman Boot Co Waxed Flesh Boots when they were brand new

Why Waxed Flesh Leather

 This leather comes from the Clayton & Sons Tannery, in Chesterfield UK. It was specifically designed to look better as it ages. It will develop a unique patina that I compare to they way a raw pair of denim fades. As the wax in the leather dries out and migrates to different areas on the boot, the leather will start to show high contrast changes in the finish. Scuffing and heavy wear will increase this effect, just as it does with raw denim. And the best part, just like with raw denim, the patina will be unique to the way you wear it.

Truman Boot Co Boots in the woods
Truman Boot Co Boots after 1 full month of daily wear.

After 1 Month of Daily Wear

I’ve worn these every day for a bit over a month now. I’ve taken them on everything from long hikes through mud and gravel, to easy days walking through the city to get to work. They’ve been through heavy rain storms, puddles, snow and slush. If you want a do everything leather, this waxed flesh is it. It hides scuffs and scratches well, it’s waterproof, and its soft feel makes it comfortable to wear all day. I am absolutely in love with this leather. It’s soft, slightly waxy, and has a rugged look which you can probably tell by looking at the close up photos below.

Waxed Flesh Truman boot close-up
Here’s a close-up of the waxed flesh leather, and the clean stitching.


These are a solid boot. They’ve got a bit of weight to them, which I love. The sole is supportive with just enough flex. I chose the Dainite sole option, which has a clean look, and still offers decent grip for all-weather wear. I’ve read complaints about the vamp area fitting tight on people, but that must be if you have a high arch. I have relatively flat wide feet, and these are perfect for me. The vamp feels snug for the first couple days, and by day three the leather stretches out enough to be comfortable wearing even the thickest socks.  I’m guessing this is probably because I could probably get into a 10, but got the 10.5 to accommodate my wide feet. In the future, I might consider ordering a 10EE, now that Truman has wider last options.

Truman Boots - Dainite Sole
A view of the Dainite sole on these Truman Boots.

Full disclosure: I had some worries about this last order due to delays (out of Truman’s control)  of the delivery date but all is well now, and I’ve been assured production times are back to normal. If you read the Truman thread a bit on Styleforum, it seems everyone is receiving their boots on time again.

Hiking in Truman Boots
A little dirty after a hike.

This one is from today, after shoveling out from the snow storm.

Truman boots by the fire
Black waxed flesh Truman boots warming up by the fire

One last pic for good measure

Truman boots in the field
Truman boots in the field