Viberg Service Boot – Review

The Viberg Service Boot, is what I believe to be the holy grail of men’s boots. They offer a full array of leather choices, and no matter which make-up you choose, you can be certain to get a boot that is constructed of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.
They fit like a glove right out of the box, and have just enough weight to remind you, you’re wearing a work boot. And, the best part is the design is so beautiful, you may find yourself often looking down to admire the masterpiece that is the Viberg Service Boot.

Viberg Service Boot - Tan Horse Hide

Initial Thoughts

My first Viberg’s were two pairs that a friend picked up for me from the sample sale they had in NYC two years ago. This means, I didn’t get to pull them out of a fresh box, and have the full Viberg experience. This also means my cost of entry was about half the price, which is a steal for this type of quality. My first thoughts were, they are probably some of the heaviest boots I’ve ever picked up but they were also the most beautiful. I was in awe at how every curve, and every line of stitching detail were so carefully placed to produce such a well balanced design. My previous experience with higher end boots were Alden and Allen Edmonds, and these Vibergs had me completely blown away.

Viberg Service Boot - Snuff Suede

The Fit

Both pairs started out with a snug but comfortable fit. I’m a size 10 in these, which is about right because I’m usually anywhere from a 9.5 3E to 10 E in Alden’s and AE, depending on the last. I’m a 10.5-11 in Nikes, New Balance, and most running sneakers, which means you will probably have to size down a half or even full size for Viberg’s if you’re used to wearing the more mainstream true-to-size boots and sneakers. These are both on the Viberg 1035 last which is a bit rounder in the toe than their more famous 2030 last. The width in the forefoot area is perfect for my E width feet, and the heel cup cradles the foot just right, so there’s no shifting around when I walk in these.

Viberg Service Boots - Snuff Suede Brand New

The Break-in

These needed very little break-in if any at all. There were no hot spots or anything like that but they were much more snug on the first day, versus 2-3 days later. One thing I’ll note, is to make sure you have the tongue pulled straight the first time you tie them. This will ensure you get a nice uniform set of lace indentations after the first wear. If you think they’re a little too snug for the first day or two, wearing thin socks should help. After a few days the leather will stretch, especially in the front stitch-down area, and you should be able to wear thicker socks. Now after 2 years of wear they still have a great supportive fit, and I have zero complaints to report.

Viberg Service Boots - Durability


I’ve had these for 2 years now, and I couldn’t be happier with the longevity of these boots. The snuff suede pair has seen a lot more wear than the tan horse, and they both still look like new. The only tell of age is a little bit of wear in the heel and toe area of the sole. The uppers look fantastic all around, and I wear these boots hard. The great thing about these is they can be resoled multiple times, if you somehow manage to wear them down. At the rate I’m going I won’t need a resole for another few years, which is far better than any boots I’ve had experience with in the past.

Vibergs getting ready for cleaning

Boot Care

These boots need very little care. Below are my care tips for the two different leathers.

For the snuff reverse kudu, I spray them with suede protectant, once every 6 months. I like to use this Meltonian stuff from amazon. Just make sure you do it outdoors, because it has a strong smell. I do 2 light coats about 2 minutes apart from each other. I use this method for other suede shoes and boots I own too. It allows me to wear them in the rain and snow without worry. Just make sure the boots are clean before you do it. 

The tan horsehide doesn’t really need any care but if you want to give it a little shine, you can use neutral Venetian cream, which Viberg includes in the box. I just wipe on a small amount with a rag and work into the leather. By the time you finish doing both boots, the first one should be ready to be buffed out. Just brush it up with a horsehair brush, and it’ll bring back the original shine. This only needs to be done once every 6 months or so, depending on how often you’re wearing them. You can also just leave them they way they are and appreciate the patina they develop on their own. 

Viberg snuff reverse kudu - closeup

Final Thoughts

Two years ago, if you showed me a pair of boots that were over $500, I would have just kept on walking. Now I’m finding myself lining up to get on pre-orders for Viberg’s latest offerings. If you have any kind of appreciation for fine leathers and quality hand craftsmanship, Viberg will not disappoint. Once you see and feel these boots in person, I’m pretty sure you’ll be sold on why they’re priced so high. You’ll be spending a little more, but it’s a quality boot that will last you a lifetime.

Snuff reverse kudu - after 2 years of wear

If you have any questions, feel free to email me, or DM me on instagram.